Miss Jessica and Miss Ann Marie pose in an AMA Music Room

Miss Jessica and Miss Ann Marie have been working together for 5 years. They take a moment to pose in one of the beautiful AMA music rooms!

I have taught piano for over a decade and have thoroughly enjoyed working with my AMAzing AMA students!

I’ve had a growing passion for teaching piano since I was 12, and one of my dreams of teaching at a professional studio came true when Miss Ann Marie gave me a chance by hiring me to teach piano in 2008 at AMA – while I was still in high school! This was a remarkable opportunity I was presented with, and to me it was a firm validation that teaching piano was what I was meant to pursue. Since then, I have earned my Associate’s in Fine Arts-Music, and have become an active member of the National, Illinois, North Shore and Northwest Suburban Music Teachers Associations. (Update 2015: Jessica is currently studying piano pedagogy at Concordia University.)

I love the relationships I can form with my students at AMA. AMA is set up to not only be a great facility for teaching lessons, but also a wonderful environment for students to feel cared for and cared about.

We celebrate students’ achievements, giving awards for things such as perfect attendance, practicing, and recital performances! We also celebrate birthdays, holidays, have bring-a-friend weeks, raffles, and special activities like our annual overnight!

Not only are the students genuinely cared for and loved at AMA, but Miss Ann Marie makes sure that the staff receives the same treatment. Every year she treats her entire staff of 16 to dinner and a musical for our birthdays! I’m definitely counting down the days until we go see “Wicked” in November!

So, for staff and students alike, AMA is THE place to be!



Jessica Walker is also a former member of the prestigious Six Piano Ensemble. Learn more about that wonderful achievement here.

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